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Struggling to navigate the complexities of your IB coursework? Feel like you're in a labyrinth with no map? That's why we created Clastify.

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By IB Examiners With 10+ Years of Experience

It’s no secret: writing IAs, EEs and TOKs is difficult, unclear, and often confusing. Whether it’s your first coursework or you’ve done a few before, it can be daunting looking at a blank page and wondering what to write. To solve this problem, Clastify has the world’s most extensive library of exemplar essays marked by top tutors and double-checked by IB examiners. Each exemplar is designed so you can work alongside of it as an example.

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Join the 75% of IB Students Already Excelling With Clastify

Let Clastify transform your academic journey, like we have done for 1.4 million IB students worldwide. By choosing Clastify, you not only gain access to a treasure trove of top-quality exemplar essays, but you also become part of a community where success is the norm. With Clastify, you won't just pass, you'll excel.


Clastify is the only reason that I have completed or even started any of my IAs. Thank you.


Clastify has helped me improve my IAs, I was confused what to write, but after looking at a similar IA, and its mark scheme, I was able to get inspired and I knew what to include.


Clastify helped me be more precise with my work, as I get an idea of what I should be focusing on when writing.

How Clastify Can Help


Exemplar IAs, EEs, and TOK

Unsure how to approach your coursework? Our curated collection of marked exemplars serves as the ideal inspiration, with detailed mark schemes showing what went right, and where improvements can be made.


Personalized Review Service

For an added layer of support, you can upload your own work to receive personalized feedback and guidance from our tutors, with moderation from official IB examiners.

Are you an IB graduate?

Get rewarded for
your coursework

You’ve put in the hard work, now let it pay off. Submit your coursework to Clastify and receive real money in return. It's our way of recognizing and promoting academic excellence, while building our library of exemplars for other IB students.


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